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Walk In Closet and Dressing Room 

Walk-In Closet

A bedroom closet is more than a storeroom it's conceivably your home's most private area. The bedroom closet holds your wardrobe and personal effects, it's also a crucial part of  your daily preparations to begin your day. This is why, optimizing your closet should have  precedence in your home improvement plans and shouldn't be overlooked. Your bedroom closet should be proficient and pleasant.  This is easy to do with our creative designs that keep everything under control so that all your clothing and accessories are:
Effortless to find
Bullett  Easy to reach
Bullett  Wrinkle-free and ready to wear
Bullett  Protected between uses

Styles of Custom Bedroom Closets

Walk In Closet 

Walk In Closet


This walk in closet includes hutches, a hamper, assorted baskets, pant racks, shelving and double hanging areas for storage.


Girls Organized Closet 

Little Girl's Organized Closet

Closets come in every shape and size. There are walk-ins, reach-ins, wall wardrobes, big closets, small closets, some with slanted ceilings and some which seem past any hope. No matter which type of closet you have, the closet experts at Northeast Custom Closets will devise the best custom closet solution for your storage space challenges.
The potentials may astonish you:
Bullett  Convert an extra bedroom into a walk-in closet with a dressing area
Bullett  Institute enough new storage space to remove your bedroom dressers.
Bullett  Build storage areas for children.
Bullett  Add new built-in storage areas to take advantage of underutilized space in the bedroom.
Bullett  Considerably expand the capacity of an existing space.

These are just a sampling of the approaches we may propose. Schedule a Free In-Home Design Consultation with a Northeast Custom Closet designer to explore your home's full potential!

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