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Murphy Beds and Desk Beds

Murphy Bed or Wall Bed

Murphy Bed

Maximize your floor space with a Murphy Bed or Wall-Bed that tucks away into a storage cabinet. The wall-bed in combination with filing cabinets, storage furniture, and an office desk, turns your spare room a multi-purpose room. A home office, hobby or exercise room by day easily converts to a guest area bedroom at night. This smart wall-bed system accommodates out-of-town guests, grown kids, grandkids, or even a parent in need of temporary place to stay. The wall-bed frame, available in full and queen sizes, work with standard mattresses and acts as its� own box spring.

Advantages of a Murphy Bed / Wall Bed

A wall bed is an efficient way to maximize space whether you have a small room, home or apartment. With attached shelves, drawers or table, wall beds can greatly increase the amount of space in a small dwelling.

Desk Bed

Desk bed

This multi-functional desk bed can convert small spaces in a matter of minutes without adding or moving furniture. 

Looking for a creative way to do more within the same space? The innovative ORG Home desk bed converts small spaces in a matter of minutes without adding or moving furniture. Its unique balancing mechanism provides a smooth, uninterrupted transition, allowing bedding and items stored and on display to remain stationary when changing from a desk to a bed.
Within a floor space of just 82 inches by 44inches for the twin size bed, the ORG Home desk bed provides multiple functions without compromising on space or style. By day, its large open work surface provides ample space for homework, surfing the web, or creativity. By night, the work area transforms into convenient sleeping quarters, which disappear just as easily in the morning. 

This desk bed is perfect for studio apartments, college dorms, kids rooms, live/work environments, and more!

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