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Northeast Custom Closets - On-Site Consultation

Free On-Site Consultation for Custom Closets, Entertainment Centers, Entryways and More.

Rustic Custom Designed Pantry

First Call 518-810-7679 to arrange your  Free On-Site Design Consultation.
We will schedule a convenient time to visit with you in the comfort of your home or office to get the process started.
During that meeting, we will listen to what you want to accomplish and the problems you want to solve.
Some of the items we will discuss are key considerations, including:

bullett  Your intentions for the space or spaces, including an inventory of the items you will be organizing and storing.
bullett  Style preferences for everything from finishes and hardware to colors, organizational features, and accessories.
bullett  The user's storage preferences. For example, do you like to hang clothing or would rather store items folded?

bullett  Do you prefer drawers, open shelves, or a combination?

bullett  The dimensions of the space or spaces, and aspects such as doorways, light switches, outlets, laundry chutes, etc.

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