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Northeast Custom Closets - Process

3 Easy Steps to Your Custom Closets or Storage Space

Custom Closet and Custom Entertainment Center

At Northeast Custom Closets we listen carefully so that your communications with us are easy, quick and straightforward.

Our 3 Steps are:

1.  Free On-Site Consultation   - Our procedure starts with a Free On-site Design Consultation. We'll meet with you at your convenience at the site you are looking to transform. We'll listen to what you want to achieve and brainstorm creative storage solutions.

2.  We Create A Custom Storage Space Design - We use our specialized CAD design software to create your storage space and recommend a cost-effective solution that integrates aesthetics and architecture with design creativity to increase both the function and appeal of your site.

3.  Northeast Custom Closets  - Professional Closet Installation - Our experienced installers will make sure that your project is completed on-time with limited disruption and an attention to even the smallest details.

When we meet we will ask you some questions. Below are a few to consider before we get there:

What isn't working?

As you evaluate each space define its primary goal.  Then ask yourself this simple question:  What isn't working with your storage area? A laundry room that also doubles as a garage door entry way is a great example of multi-use space that has conflicting solutions. When you answer this question, it will easily identify the needs for the space and enable us to use our experience to work those into a design solution that can resolve them.

Who will use the space most often?

A well designed space is intuitive to the person who will use it most. For example, adults have specific preferences for their space but may have to be flexible about how those work if they have to share the space with a spouse or partner. Children are still learning the art of organization while at the same time experiencing changing needs as the items they store change in size and in interest. A well designed closet system will take these user needs into account so that solution works naturally for the user.

How do you want the newly organized storage area to change your life?

This question personalizes your goals for the project. While working with a dedicated project budget, you can make design decisions that will support these goals to make sure that the final solution has the impact you hoped for. You also keep the long view in mind, giving you the flexibility to add-on features as your needs and budget grow or to modify when your lifestyle changes.

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